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Chinese Medical Characters Vol. 2 : Acupoint Vocabulary

Chinese Medical Characters Vol. 2 : Acupoint Vocabulary


ZHANG Yuhuan - 张宇环

WISEMAN Nigel - 魏乃杰


Paradigm Publications

25,00 €

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Paru le : 01 Janvier 2005
Pages : 240
EAN 13 : 9780912111698

This work provides an ideal resource for those engaged in the study of Chinese medical language. It facilitates learning the root vocabulary of acupoints and what the points do within the conceptual system of Chinese medicine.
Each of 100 characters that are common to acupoint vocabulary is introduced in simplified and complex forms. Significs and stroke counts, commonly used equivalents, character composition, explanation of meaning, and examples of character combinations are included. The stroke sequence showing how to write the character is presented, and space for students to practice writing the characters is provided.

The appendix contains a systematic list of channel point names which are exclusively comprised of characters introduced in this book and in Volume One. You can use this for review purposes. When you have mastered these two books, you will be amazed at how many point names you can read!
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