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Created in China: How China is Becoming a Global Innovator

Created in China: How China is Becoming a Global Innovator


Haour Georges

von Zedtwitz Max



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Paru le : 01 Janvier 2016
Pages : 200
EAN 13 : 9781472925138

Undisputedly, China has become the world's manufacturing powerhouse, accounting for around half of all personal computers, digital cameras and kitchen appliances. However, the country is fast transitioning from low-cost manufacturing to a higher-value, innovation-led economy, a critical transformation that is at the heart of this new title.

Companies are the essential engines of the wealth-creation process, particularly in the areas of internet and mobile telecommunications, and firms such as Tencent and Xiaomi are showing clear potential to become major players. Demonstrating strong commitment to the country's relentless progress in the realm of innovation, the Chinese government has encouraged the development of a business environment in which firms can experiment, operate and thrive. Created in China provides an examination of the critical human factors at play, as well as re-assessing some of the metrics traditionally used to describe and measure China's capacity for innovation.

As Chinese firms begin to transform the country into a truly global innovator, the emerging patterns of future innovation are identified and reviewed. New and dynamic practices are arising that are recognisably Chinese, yet at the same time capable of competing on the world stage. Following the successes of firms such as Huawei, Haier and Lenovo, a growing number of technology-focused firms are now turning their attention towards markets outside of China – a development that will not only benefit the country but will provide exciting opportunities for businesses throughout the world.

Table of Contents


1. Overview
2. China's glorious history of innovation
3. Innovation indicators for China
4. Government and firms as key actors of the innovation scene
5. Framework conditions for innovation in China
6. The human factor: a crucial element in innovation management
7. The contribution of non-Chinese innovators
8. Becoming a global innovator - patterns in the public sector
9. China becoming a global innovator - patterns in firms


About the Authors
Georges Haour
is Professor of Technology & Innovation Management at IMD Business School in Switzerland. He also acts as an adviser to organisations in his area of value-creation through effective management of the innovation process, as well as the commercialization of technology. In the last ten years he has been regularly invited to lecture in China. He has eight patents, 110 publications and three books on innovation and technology commercialization.

Max von Zedtwitz is Professor of International Business and Innovation at universities in China and Europe, and Managing Director of the “GLORAD Research Center for Global R&D and Innovation” with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, St. Gallen, Kaunas, Heilbronn, Moscow and Silicon Valley in California. A resident of China for 12 years, he previously taught at Tsinghua, Peking and Tongji Universities, ran a start-up in technology intelligence in Hong Kong, and served as a Vice President with PRTM Management Consultants in Shanghai.