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Peng's Fun with Chinese Characters for Children

Peng's Fun with Chinese Characters for Children


TAN Huay Peng - CHEN Huoping - 陈火平


Marshall Cavendish

13,00 €

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Paru le : 01 Mars 2015
Pages : 128
EAN 13 : 9789814561143

The Chinese script, with its many complex strokes, can often prove to be a formidable challenge especially for the young learner of Chinese and even adult learners of the language. In this new volume, over 100 essential Chinese characters that every beginning learner should know have been carefully selected and compiled. Humorous illustrations, clear explanations and plenty of examples all help to demystify the Chinese language by deconstructing the Chinese characters and showing how they evolved from ancient pictographs and ideographs to their modern form. Each character is given a stroke-by-stroke breakdown of how it is to be written and ample space to practise. Peng s Fun with Chinese Characters for Children is based on the highly popular Fun With Chinese Characters series.