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Poverty in a Rich Society: The Case of Hong Kong

Poverty in a Rich Society: The Case of Hong Kong


LAU Maggie



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Paru le : 01 Avril 2017
Pages : 210
EAN 13 : 9789629967888

Hong Kong has remained a wealthy financial hub but its income inequality is greater than that in any developed economy. The growing unequal income distribution and poverty in Hong Kong have aroused public concern. This book brings together some of Hong Kong's and the UK's leading experts to examine poverty in Hong Kong from three perspectives: 1, public understanding of poverty, and the extent of poverty and social exclusion in Hong Kong society, 2, poverty and health as well as child poverty and educational opportunities in Hong Kong, and 3, effectiveness of poverty alleviation measures in Hong Kong. On this basis, this book timely advances the theory and practice of poverty and social exclusion measurement, and will inspire comparative research and policy analyses for better policy initiatives.

This collection was inspired by the workshop formed one key research output of the Poverty and Social Exclusion in Hong Kong (PSEHK) project funded by the Research Grants Council and the UK Economic and Social Research Council (http://www.poverty.hk/).


Introduction 1
Maggie K. W. LAU
2 My Experience Researching Poverty over the Past 35 Years 9
Nelson W. S. CHOW
3 Poverty in Hong Kong 21
Maggie K. W. LAU, Christina PANTAZIS,
David GORDON, Lea LAI and Eileen SUTTON
4 Setting the Poverty Line: Policy Implications for Squaring
the Welfare Circle in Hong Kong 57
Florence Meng-soi FONG and Chack-kie WONG
5 Health Inequality in Hong Kong 89
Roger Y. CHUNG and Samuel Y. S. WONG
6 Enhancing Global Competitiveness and Human
Capital Management: Does Education Help Reduce
Inequality and Poverty in Hong Kong? 117
7 Is Social Capital as Important as Human Capital
in Child Poverty Alleviation? 145
The Chinese University Press : Copyrighted Materials
vi Contents
8 Is Poverty Eradication Impossible? A Critique on the
Misconceptions of the Hong Kong Government 179
9 Conclusion 203
Maggie K. W. LAU and David GORDON

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