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Talk To Me In Korean Level. 5톡투미인코리안 문법책 5

Talk To Me In Korean Level. 5

톡투미인코리안 문법책 5




Longtail Books - 롱테일북스

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Paru le : 01 Octobre 2016
Pages : 216
EAN 13 : 9791186701379

Develop Your Communication Skills by Building Longer Sentences and Learning More about Korean Culture!

With this grammar textbook, the 5th in the Talk To Me In Korean series, you will take your Korean to an even higher level. You will learn more conjunctions with which you will form longer, yet much more structured, sentences. You may also learn some new vocabulary and cultural insights! The content of this book is incredibly important, but it is up to YOU to put it into practice! At this level, you can already say so many things in Korean, so it is vital to the learning process to seek out and take advantage of opportunities to practice; whethere it be through speaking with a friend, practicing with an online tutor, posting in Korean on social media, or even just writing your thoughts in a journal.

Table Of Contents

1. Almost did
2. Honorific Suffix -시-
3. Good work / 수고
4. I guess, I assume (Part 1)
5. I guess, I assume (Part 2)
6. Word Builder 6 / 문(文)
7. As soon as …
8. It is about to …, I am planning to …
9. While I was doing …, … and then …
10. (To say) that something/someone is + noun
11. Sentence Building Drill 3
12. Noun + that is called / that people say is
13. Word Builder 7 / 회 (會)
14. Since, Because, As
15. At least, Instead, It might not be the best but
16. Narrative Present Tense in Korean
17. (To say) that somethiing/someone + verb
18. Whether or not
19. To tell someone to do something
20. Sentence Building Drill 4
21. Word Contractions - Object marker
22. Word Builder 8 / 식 (食)
23. It seems like..., I assume...
24. Not A But B, Don't do THIS but do THAT
25. Compared to, Relatively
26. Instead of
27. You know, Isn't it...?, You see..., Come on...
28. To have no other choice but to...
29. They said that they had done..., They said that they would...
30. Sentence Building Drill 5