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The Cultural Practices of Modern Chinese Buddhism

The Cultural Practices of Modern Chinese Buddhism

Attuning the Dharma


TAROCCO Francesca



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Paru le : 01 Août 2010
Pages : 183
EAN 13 : 9780415596176

Buddhism in China during the late Qing and Republican period remained a powerful cultural and religious force. Francesca Tarocco is a rising star in this field and offers an innovative high-quality piece of work that presents a new perspective on the influence of Buddhism on Chinese culture. Drawing on scarcely analyzed historical and archive sources, including photographs and musical scores, the author examines the experiences of important individuals such as the monk Hongyi and the artist Feng Zikai, demonstrating how they contributed to the creation of new sites of Buddhist cultural productions. Tarocco adeptly argues that Chinese Buddhism played a more vital role in shaping Chinese culture than previously assumed. This enlightening study fills a significant gap in the field of Chinese Buddhist history.

Contents :
Introduction: Modern Buddhist Cultures Part 1: The Cultural Practices of Buddhist Modernity 1.1 Shanghai Buddhism 1.2 Vegetarian Identites 1.3 The Esoteric Fever 1.4 Printing the Dharma 1.5 Continuities and Discontinuities 1.6 Buddhist Canons 1.7 Yang Wenhui 1.8 Awakening the Faith 1.9 Buddhist Books beyond China 1.10 Shanghai Publishers 1.11 The Romantic Buddhism of Su Manshu 1.12 Life and Death in Feng Zikai's Drawings 1.13 The Buddhist Periodical Press 1.14 Buddhism, Religion and the Nation 1.15 Images of Modern Buddhism Part 2: The Sound of Modern Buddhism 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Li Shutong: From Shaghai to Tokyo, and Back 2.3 Songs of Nationalism 2.4 The Power of Songs 2.5 Hymns, Anthems and Songs 2.6 Songs of Modernity 2.7 Li Shutong 'Leaves Home' 2.8 Buddhist Songs 2.9 Buddhist Musical Ties 2.10 Continuities and Discontinuities 2.11 'Scientific Gadgets': Buddhist Radio and Phonograph Recordings 2.12 Buddhist Songs in the Digital Age