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Reading and Writing Chinese Characters 1汉字识写课本1Hanzi shi xie keben 1

Reading and Writing Chinese Characters 1


Hanzi shi xie keben 1

Sous la direction de

MIAO Shuhua - 苗淑华


郑小琼 - ZHANG Xinming


REY - 电子工业出版社

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Paru le : 01 Septembre 2011
Pages : 189
EAN 13 : 9787119068626

Reading and Writing Chinese Characters is a textbook in two volumes designed for beginners of Chinese coming from a non-Chinese background. Each of its lessons contains five sections: "Interesting Chinese characters", "I can recognize", "I can read", "I can write", and "Let's go over the lesson!". After going through this program of systematic and effective study, students will be able to read and write about 700 commonly used Chinese characters.
本书介绍了相关的汉字知识,系统地安排了笔画、笔顺、偏旁和汉字的学习。笔画、笔顺和偏旁的学习又与汉字学习有机结合,如:学习“女”(女字旁)时,课文安排了“妈”、“姐”、“妹”和“她”这些带“女”的汉字。这种归类的学习方法,能够使学生提高汉字学习效率,达到举一反三的效果。  结构编排合理。学生从“有趣的汉字”开始,了解相关的汉字知识。在“我会认”中,学生能够初步认识汉字,了解汉字的音、形、义。在“我会读”中,学生可以进行与本课所学汉字相关的口语学习。在“我会写”中,学生学习书写汉字。最后通过“我们来闯关”来检验并巩固学习效果。可以说这样的结构编排真正做到了循序渐进、科学并且合理。

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